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We Act

 They Stall

 May- 2011 UIC United Faculty officially files as a union. The UIC Administration objects, testifies at Labor Board that a joint faculty union is improper and the units must be separated.
  Jul-  2011 Labor Board Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) recommends certification  UIC Administration objects to the ALJ’s opinion, appeals to the full Labor Board.
 Sep- 2011 Labor Board agrees with Faculty Union and certifies the unit. UIC Administration appeals to conservative Springfield court, eschewing the Chicago appellate district; despite the fact that UIC is based in Chicago, all proceedings at the labor board were in Chicago, and all the lawyers and faculty live in Chicago.
 Sep- 2011 Union begins to bargain a contract with the University. After meeting once, UIC Administration files a Motion to Delay bargaining to the Springfield Court. The court grants the motion, prohibiting the faculty union  from bargaining with the Administration
 Jan- 2012 Union and University file briefs and present oral arguments in the Springfield Appeals Court. The Illinois Attorney General’s office argues on behalf of the Union  Administration refuses to meet with Faculty Union while the Motion to Delay is in effect.
 Jan- 2012 After attending the oral arguments where the Judges (all UIUC graduates) uncharacteristically did not ask any questions, Faculty Union leaders voted to reorganize and collect cards in case the Court ruled against them.
 Feb- 2012 University Administration Releases FY 2011 Financial Report, which details the Highest Net Assets and Unrestricted Reserves in its History.
 Mar- 2012 Faculty Union releases bargaining survey, garnering 600+ responses about what the Faculty wanted to see in a Union Contract.  U of I President Michael Hogan Resigns
 Apr- 2012 Springfield Court rules against a single bargaining unit. Faculty Union votes to re-submit union cards rather than taking case to the Illinois Supreme Court, which could take over a year.
 May- 2012 Faculty union leaders collect over 800 authorization cards in six weeks and re-file with the Labor Board as one union with two bargaining units (Tenure System and Non Tenure Track) U of I Board of Trustees Approves resolution calling for 2% salary program for Faculty.
 July- 2012  Illinois Education Labor Relations Board Certifies the Union, which writes the administration requesting to meet to bargain immediately, and offering to meet 21 of the 31 days in July  Administration writes back, claiming no availability on those days and suggests mid-August.
 Aug- 2012 At Union’s request, parties meet 3 times, Faculty Union presented a 6% wage proposal and a return of the Furlough money, or at least have the Administration implement the 2% campus wage program while we negotiate.  Administration gives no proposals and tells the Faculty Union that they do not plan giving anyone the promised raises until negotiations have concluded. The Union objects to this.
 Sep- 2012 At Union’s request, parties meet 4 times, Union readdressed wage proposals, then presented four proposals. Union circulates final drafts of complete non-economic contract proposal among faculty leaders before presenting to the Administration  Administration gives no proposals, although they agree to some of the Faculty Union’s proposals. They re-commit to giving no raises to the faculty.
 Oct- 2012 Parties meet 4 times, Faculty Union gives complete non-economic proposal to UIC administration.  Administration gives no proposals, although they agree to some of the Faculty Union’s proposals. They re-commit to giving no raises to the faculty.
 Nov- 2012 Parties meet 2 times, Union discusses wages, salary compression, equity, faculty governance through the Senate, and multi-year contracts for NTT.  Administration gives no proposals.
 Dec- 2012  Parties meet once, continue discussions from November.  Administration gives no proposals.
 Jan- 2013 Parties meet 3 times. Union discusses wages, academic freedom, and health and safety. Continue discussions from December meetings.  Administration finally gives the union their Tenure System and NTT proposals. Despite their insistence on separating Tenure and NTT for the last several years, their proposals are virtually identical. Out of their 5,000 word (each) proposals for TS and NTT, only 142 words differ between the two proposals.
 Feb- 2013 Parties meet 3 times. Union responds to 20 administration proposals in two meetings- more counter-proposals than the administration had done since August. The parties have reached agreement on 12+ articles. Administration still has not replied to more than half of the Union’s October proposals. In the meantime, University Administration Releases FY 2012 Financial Report, which tops the 2011 report in net assets and unrestricted reserves topping one billion dollars- the highest in the University’s history.
 Mar- 2013 Union informs the Administration that they have patience, but will not have patience forever. Demands that the Administration give replies to the Union’s October proposals.
Apr-2013 Union holds membership meeting to discuss the status of negotiations and plan actions. Four negotiation sessions occur. Administration announces campus wage plan with raises of 2.75%.
May-2013 Parties meet four times. Union congratulates 2013 UIC graduates outside commencement and distributes information on faculty members standing up for a good contract. IPEDS is released, detailing UIC’s unrestricted reserves of over one billion dollars.
Jun-2013 During four negotiation sessions, union pushes proposal for multi-year contracts for NTT faculty who receive positive evaluations.
Jul-2013 Parties meet four times. Union reiterates demand for administration to reinstate FACT computer program, and to give faculty a percentage of indirect cost return money. Administration presents salary proposal that would give faculty the campus wage plan raises, but not address issues of compression, furlough losses or minimum salaries. Additionally, the administration unilaterally increases faculty health care contributions from salary by 1%, despite previously claiming they could not award faculty raises while bargaining continued.
Aug-2013 Parties meet four times. Union reaches out to students at convocation and to university leaders at their leadership retreat. Union proposes wage pool raises of 3.5% per year for four years, in addition to adjustments for compression and equity, minimum salaries, and a $2500 signing bonus designed to make up for furlough losses. UIUC faculty receive a 4% raise despite administrators’ earlier claims that the 2.75% campus wage program raise was for all three campuses.
Sept-2013 Union continues to push for its proposals through four negotiation sessions, while the administration provides no responses in writing. Union continues outreach to students to raise awareness of how faculty and student interests overlap. Joe “Skip” Garcia, Vice President for health affairs, leaves UIC. President Easter gets a $90,000 bonus and a pay raise.
Oct-2013 Union members gather to discuss future plans of action and the status of negotiations at their membership meeting. They then begin attending the negotiation sessions en masse, showing concern for the near-standstill that negotiations have reached. Four bargaining sessions occur; the parties have now reached agreement on 27 articles after 50 total bargaining sessions. Administration states that they are sticking to their July 2013 salary proposal – still not addressing issues of compression, equity, furlough losses or minimum salaries. A Chicago Tribune article reveals that UIC has squandered $1 million on the chancellor’s house, which rarely hosts guests, in the past several years.