Bargaining Survey Coming Wednesday

12 Nov Bargaining Survey Coming Wednesday


  • Union Members Will Receive Our Survey Wednesday: UICUF will be sending our bargaining survey out by email on Wednesday, 11/17/21. Input on bargaining priorities is a privilege of union membership. If you ae seeing this message, you are likely not a union member. You can join the union via our website.
  • Why Take the Survey: Our bargaining survey is one of the most important ways for our bargaining team to assess what our members want ahead of contract negotiations coming in spring 2022. It will directly influence union proposals and priorities when we negotiate everything from pay to workloads, professional development to retention.
  • Listening Sessions: Another way we seek input from our members is through listening sessions, set up in collaboration with members in each unit, where union representatives meet with members to learn about their experiences and priorities for the coming year. If you’d like to help us set up a listening session, email us.
  • Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Rally: As discussed in past emails, UICUF will join our grad worker colleagues for a rally in the Quad around greater workplace protections in cases of harassment and discrimination on Wednesday, 11/17, from 12:30-1:30pm. Mark your calendar!


Dear Colleagues,

It’s time once again for union members to participate in our Bargaining Survey. As we’ve mentioned in the past, our current union contract will expire in August of 2022. We anticipate starting our negotiations with the UIC Administration this coming spring semester. The Bargaining Survey helps us identify and gauge interest in issues ranging from pay raises to workloads, retention, professional development, and much more.

Join the Union Now to Participate in Our Bargaining Survey and Support Contract Negotiations in 2022

Members will receive an invitation to participate in the survey via email this coming Wednesday. The survey will be administered through Survey Monkey. All answers are anonymous, and the survey should take you only about 20 minutes to complete. Members will have until 12/6 to complete the survey.

As a reminder, weighing in on bargaining priorities is a privilege of union membership, as is voting to ratify the final contract after it has been negotiated by the bargaining team. Responses will be read by the bargaining team, and directly influence the team’s positions, proposals, and priorities when we meet with administration to negotiate a contract on behalf of UIC faculty.

Listening Sessions
While the bargaining survey is one of our most important tools for reaching as many members as possible, we will also do more focused Listening Sessions by department or college, in collaboration with our members in each unit. We are looking for members who are able to help set up these meetings for union representatives and bargaining team members to speak directly with members in your departments. If you’re interested in having a union representative speak with your unit about contract bargaining, please email us at and we will work with you to set up a session!

Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Rally
UICUF is dedicated to making UIC a safer place to learn, which we believe includes confronting discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. We will be joining UIC GEO for a rally supporting these goals in the quad on Wednesday, 11/17, from 12:30-1:30pm. Mark your calendar and join us! If you have a story of your own to tell, please let us know. We are here to support you in any way that we can

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