Faculty Overwhelmingly Reappointed as of June 1

17 Jun Faculty Overwhelmingly Reappointed as of June 1


Dear Faculty,

As most of you know, we recently ran a poll to learn more about NTT faculty reappointment to ensure that they are getting timely notices. All faculty up for renewal are entitled per our contract to a notice on June 1 informing them of their reappointment status, or letting them know that the decision has been deferred to July 16th.

Based on responses from over a third of all NTT faculty, almost all had been notified of their status as of June 1st, and the vast majority were told they will be reappointed (only 1% of faculty were given notices of NON-reappointment). This comes close to satisfying our campaign demands asking the university to notify all faculty on or before June 1st, and to retain all eligible faculty in light of projected near-record enrollments for the fall.

Below, you can see our survey highlights, and a direct link to the survey results. Once again, if anyone is concerned about their individual reappointment process, you can directly contact us at UICUnitedFaculty@gmail.com.

Survey Participants and Structure
This survey was designed to poll non-tenure track faculty on the reappointment process and outcomes for summer 2021. It was sent to all non-tenure track faculty who were present in our bargaining unit in spring 2021, a total of 667 faculty. 236 faculty responded to the survey, a response rate of 36%.

Result Highlights

  • 95% of respondents who expected a notice on their reappointment status received one as of June 1st. Further questions show that only 2 individuals reported being unaware of their reappointment decision status.
  • 88% of respondents who received a notice were told they will be reappointed for fall.
  • 8% of respondents received notices that their reappointment was deferred to a later date. These deferrals appear to be focused in just 5 units.
  • Only 1% of notices reported were explicit notices of non-reappointment.
  • Just over half (53%) of respondents reported being on 1-year contracts. 36% are on multi-year appointments and 10% do not know what kind of appointment they have.
  • At least 55% of NTT faculty reported that their previous appointment would end in Summer 2021. Though the vast majority reported that they were reappointed, and on a timely basis, this means that over half of full-time NTT faculty faced the possibility of sudden job loss in this year alone.


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