Getting Involved with Your Union – Membership Matters

09 Sep Getting Involved with Your Union – Membership Matters


  • Active Membership: Our union is run by faculty just like you! Active membership makes it possible for us to have an effective and independent union, including supporting a local office and our own staff, all with union members leading the way.
  • Being Part of the Process: One major perk of membership is being able to participate as we plan for contract bargaining next spring. This will be the main subject of our Fall Member Meeting at 3pm, 9/22, via Zoom, but you need to be a member to attend.
  • Joining the Union: Faculty can join the union any time via our website to get involved. If you have questions, you can email us at or speak with one of our representatives on campus.
  • Tabling On Campus: We’ll be tabling at UH next Monday the 13th, from 11-1pm so drop by if you would like to join in person, or speak to a knowledgeable member representative or professional union staff.

Dear Colleagues,


UIC United Faculty couldn’t exist without the work and support of faculty like you. Now that we’ve all had a chance to settle into the new semester, we want to remind you of the importance of being an active union member. Active membership allows us to run our union the way we want, with a local office off of Halstead and Van Buren and a professional local staff, led directly by elected faculty members. Membership is, of course, also the most important leverage we have in contract negotiations, the next round of which begins this coming spring. In our last contract, we were able to secure iron-clad annual 4% raise pools, which the university honored even as faculty around the country got financially squeezed by the pandemic. That was only possible because we have an large and active membership.


You can join the union any time via our website, and a staff person will contact you ASAP to verify your membership.


Fall Member Meeting 

Our Fall Member meeting is coming up at 3pm on 9/22, and we will be discussing any lingering back-to-school issues, as well as bargaining priorities. One essential perk of being a union member is access to our member meetings and participation in our bargaining surveys, which allow you to be a part of the process and give input on what is needed in the upcoming negotiations.


Tabling on Campus

We will be tabling on campus at various locations this fall to connect with members about timely issues and talk to new faculty about membership. This is a great opportunity to meet with faculty members of the union, and talk with professional union staffers about membership. We will be at University Hall on Monday, 9/13, from 11-1pm, and will continue to visit new locations each week. If you’re not able to be there, but want to speak to a union representative, don’t hesitate to reach out at



UIC United Faculty



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