NTT Job Security

Campaign Demands: 
1. Maintain the current number of NTT teaching faculty positions
2. Notify all faculty of reappointment by the initial contractual deadline on or before June 1
3. Ensure transparency around budget and reappointment decisions
4. For this year, suspend the 3-year limit for visiting faculty

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See the statement from UICUF’s Executive Board and Representative Assembly here.

Read a profile of Zoe Fox, former Math Lecturer and UICUF Rep, discussing their experience of non-renewal last year in the Chronicle of Higher Education. For those without Chronicle accounts, the pdf of this article is here: Forced Out_ The Faces of Higher Ed’s Historic Layoffs


Upcoming events

April 22, 2021, 10-11am – Provost Poser Faculty Office Hours
This Friday at 10am, Provost Poser will hold her last ever office hour for faculty. This is a great opportunity to ask her directly about her budget priorities and plans for retaining non-tenure track faculty!

Please show up (details are below) with this graphic as your Zoom background and ask whatever questions you have.


Meeting details:
Meeting ID: 843 7269 1816
Passcode: Faculty_21

To join by phone, please dial the number listed below and enter the meeting ID and passcode when prompted.

Number: (312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 843 7269 1816
Passcode: 836 380 7569


April 28, 2021, 4:30-6pm – Town Hall on NTT Job Security

Wed, April 28, 4:30-6pm

Town Hall on Non-Tenure Track Faculty Job Security

Our Demands:

Maintain the current number of NTT positions

Notify all faculty of reappointment by June 1

Ensure transparency

Suspend the 3-year limit for visiting faculty


May 20, 2021 – U of I Board of Trustees Meeting
Stay tuned for more information on organizing around this meeting!


June 1, 2021 – Contractual Deadline for Notification of Reappointment
UICUF Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article IX. B. 3.:

Academic Units will inform faculty members of their reappointment or non-reappointment by June 1st each year.  In certain instances, however, projected student enrollment or other funding variables may create a need for this notice to be postponed beyond June 1.  In that event, the affected faculty member will be informed by June 1 that the University has not been able to finalize its decision regarding their reappointment or non-reappointment.  In the latter event, notice of the faculty member’s reappointment or non-reappointment shall be provided by July 16.



Video Testimonials

Support for NTT Faculty in Museum and Exhibition Studies
Therese Quinn, Associate Professor & Director
Raquelle Banuelos, graduate student

Protecting NTT Jobs (Political Science)
Dick Simpson, Professor, Political Science


Protect NTT Jobs! (History department)
Faculty and students from the UIC History department express their support for NTT faculty and the important work they do.


Protect NTT Faculty! (undergraduates)
UIC undergraduate students discuss the importance of NTT faculty to their education.