Representative Assembly Meeting Friday

08 Oct Representative Assembly Meeting Friday


  • Rep Assembly Meeting Friday: Our Rep Assembly will meet remotely, Friday, 10/8, 12-1:30pm. All members welcome! (Members will receive a link by email)
  • Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness: The federal government is offering limited-time waivers to submit loan repayments previously not qualified for the program. We encourage members with loans to learn more via the official government website.


Dear Colleagues,


As a final reminder, we will be holding our fall Representative Assembly meeting, Friday, October 8, from 12-1:30pm. The meeting will be held remotely for our members’ convenience and safety, and all members should have already received a link via email. All members are invited to attend and get to know our representatives and how our internal representative processes work.


We anticipate discussing issues related to in-person instruction now and in spring semester, membership growth, contract bargaining preparedness for the spring, current member advocacy efforts, and the formation of an Elections Committee for next year’s officer elections at the end of Spring Semester.


If you’d like to know who represents your college or unit, or want to get in touch with your representative, you can find a listing of all our officers, representatives, and staff, on our website.


Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness

While this won’t affect everyone, we know that many of our members have student loans, and working at a public institution like UIC may help you qualify for loan forgiveness. This program has been deeply fraught, and only a tiny fraction of loan forgiveness applicants have actually had their loans forgiven.


The U.S. Department of Education has announced, however, that for a limited time they will be waiving many of the confusing criteria that have disqualified applicants thus far. In particular, payments made under any repayment plan will be considered to count toward the total required 120 payments, so long as they occurred while you were working full-time (or a combined 30 hours/week) for a public, or qualifying non-profit employer.


UIC UF staff are currently looking for resources to support people interested in making use of the loosened restrictions for loan forgiveness, so anyone needing assistance should reach out to us at our general email address.



We hold a regular office hour from 12-1pm Wednesday each week. Use the following link to add it to your calendar:

Wednesday 12-1pm

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