UIC students are organizing against Chick-fil-a

09 Feb UIC students are organizing against Chick-fil-a

Photo of bright blue UICUF logo screen printed on white paper by William Estrada. Blurred image of people on UIC Quad in background.
  • Support UIC’s LGBTQ students–Organize against the renewal of Chick-fil-A’s contract on campus!
  • Celebration party moved to Thursday, February 16 at The Embassy Public House
  • Please complete the HR commitment to make-up missed work mailed out this week, but beware system updates this weekend

UIC Students Ask for Faculty Support in Ousting Chick-fil-A
UIC undergraduates have reached out to us asking for faculty support as they organize against Chick-fil-A’s presence on our campus.Two years ago, UIC was named the best Illinois school for LGBTQ students and last fall listed as one of the top 40 schools in the nation, and yet, administrators have failed to take action following formal requests from the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of LGBTQ persons. 

The first opportunity for faculty to participate is at the Diversity and Inclusion Undergraduate Student Government Town Hall on Monday February 13th from 3pm-5pm. If you are unable to attend there is also the option to submit questions here.

The second opportunity is participating in this survey from UIC’s Gender and Sexuality Center. The survey is focused on collecting opinions from community members about having a known discriminatory establishment housed in the UIC student center. Some results will be used to support the protest of Chick-fil-A’s presence on campus.

Contract Celebration Party
Remember, we will celebrate our new contract at The Embassy, 1435 W Taylor Street, on Thursday, February 16, starting at 5:00pm. Appetizers + cash bar + giveaway of blue UICUF knit hats.

Strike Participation and Make Up Work Reporting
UIC Human Resources sent out a form this week collecting commitments from faculty to make up work missed during the strike. Please fill out this form accurately and promptly. Faculty who report that they will make up their work will not see any loss of pay. However, there are a few stumbling blocks still: This weekend (Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12, 2023), AITS will be conducting a maintenance event on its production data center which necessitates that the form collecting the strike response will  be unavailable on both Saturday and Sunday starting at 6:00 AM each morning and continuing until 6:00 PM.