UICUF Bargaining team offers final contract proposals during negotiation

15 Aug UICUF Bargaining team offers final contract proposals during negotiation

Our next session is Mon, 8/22 at 10am at SCE, Oak Room. We hope to see you there!
Please join us for informational picketing on the first two days of classes!
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On Monday, August 8, the UICUF bargaining team held its 8th negotiation session with the UIC administration team. At this meeting, the UICUF team passed our final contract proposals, Article VI. Compensation, Leaves and Group Health & Article XXIV. Teaching Professor and Conversion to Tenure System Faculty (a new article in the NTT contract only). With these final articles, we have now presented the administration with a comprehensive set of proposals.

On Monday, August 22 from 10am to 1pm, we will meet with the administration’s bargaining team again to continue passing counter proposals and hear their responses on compensation, workload, reappointment, and a number of other articles that are in their court. Bargaining will take place in the White Oak Room in Student Center East, and all UICUF members are welcome to observe negotiations and participate in caucus discussions. 

To show support for the bargaining committee, re-engage members as they return to campus, and make it clear to the administration that we are serious about settling these contracts, UICUF will be holding informational pickets August 22 from 9-11am outside of Student Center East and August 23 from 11am-1pm outside of UH. You can sign up to join one or more picketing shifts here

This summer, most of our proposals have been countered by rejection–the admin team has simply crossed out our proposed language. But it is fully within the administration’s power, now that they have both our comprehensive proposal and the labor relations representative at the table, to offer a complete contract proposal at our next bargaining session on the 22nd, or shortly thereafter. 

Based on previous experience, this is unlikely to occur–the U of I System has a history of pushing unions to a strike vote or a full-blown strike before engaging in significant negotiation and counter-proposing. But informative discussion has occurred this summer, and we feel that the bargaining team has done an excellent job of making our positions and the rationale for them clear. At this point in the process, a counter-proposal from the administration team that sincerely engages with our proposals and responds meaningfully to expressed faculty needs is a quite reasonable expectation. 

During the fall semester, bargaining sessions will be held weekly. We have asked that sessions be held on-campus and in-person, and we invite members to join us and observe. We will share information about when and where sessions will take place as they’re set up and will continue to update members through email. We also invite you to follow UICUF on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of the most recent developments, actions, and faculty testimonials between bargaining sessions.
In Solidarity,
The UIC UF Bargaining team

Xochitl Bada (Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies) | Aaron Krall (Senior Lecturer, English) | Andy Baker (Clinical Assistant Professor, Music) | Anna Kornbluh (Professor, English) | Becky Bonarek (Lecturer, Tutorium in Intensive English) | Charitianne Williams (Senior Lecturer, English) | Gosia Fidelis (Associate Professor, History)  | Ian Collins (Clinical Assistant Professor, Daley Library) | Jim Drown (Senior Lecturer, English) | Jeff Gore (Senior Lecturer, English)  | Jennifer Rupert (Senior Lecturer, English, Gender and Women’s Studies) | Kate Floros (Clinical Assistant Professor, Political Science) | Kate Lowe (Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Policy) | Kevin O’Brien (Clinical Associate Professor, Library of the Health Sciences) | Kevin Whyte (Professor, Math, Statistics, and Computer Science) | Laurie Quinn (Clinical Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing Science) | Nicole Nguyen (Associate Professor, Educational Policy Studies) | Paul Preissner (Professor, Architecture)