UICUF Member Meeting and Grad Worker Petition

21 Feb UICUF Member Meeting and Grad Worker Petition

  • UICUF Member Meeting 3/16: Save the date for our upcoming member meeting, 3-4:30pm, on Wed, 3/16 (Calendar Link Here). This meeting will be held via zoom and in person on campus. We will discuss our contract negotiations, union elections, and COVID organizing. Members will receive further details via email soon. 

  • Grad Workers’ Petition for a Fair Contract: The UIC Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) is petitioning the administration to agree to a fair contract. Please support them by signing the petition now

  • Notice-of-Elections Mailer: UICUF will hold union elections at the end of the semester. Details and key dates are being sent via US mail to all members. We encourage our members to consider running for officer, or finding other ways to get involved. You can see our current elected officers here

Dear Colleagues,

Each semester, we hold at least one full membership meeting to communicate union initiatives to the general membership and to hear from you about your experiences and needs in the workplace. Our Spring Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 3/16, from 3-4:30pm, both via zoom and in person. You can use this link to save-the-date in your calendar

We strongly encourage all members to join us for this important meeting, where we will discuss upcoming contract negotiations, union elections, and the ongoing need to organize during and around evolving COVID conditions. We will also be introducing our bargaining team, including our two Co-Chairs, Aaron Krall and Xochitl Bada-Garcia. 

Members will receive location info/safe meeting guidelines, and a zoom link for those who prefer to attend remotely, closer to the date. We chose a hybrid format for this meeting in recognition of evolving member preferences, with options for those who wish to meet face-to-face and those who prefer zoom for safety and/or convenience. We are committed to ensuring a safe in-person meeting environment, alongside a coordinated and engaging remote experience, so please choose the mode of participation that is most appropriate for your needs. If you plan to attend in person, your RSVP is appreciated so we can plan an appropriate space for safe distancing. 

Non-members may join any time between now and then, including at the door, if they wish to participate.  We highly encourage you to bring a colleague!

Supporting Grad Worker Bargaining

UIC GEO is currently bargaining with the administration to win a fair contract, and have recently entered into mediation. This step signals that both sides feel there are still wide gaps between them on various contract proposals. The GEO is asking for your support in the form of a petition demanding that the administration settle a fair contract in a timely manner. We strongly encourage you to take a moment and do this, as solidarity between our unions makes all of our efforts more effective, and because many issues GEO is fighting on today may come up in our own negotiations in the coming months. 

Union Elections

Union members will have the opportunity to run for and vote on elected offices in late April. Details of that process, such as how to run/nominate someone for office, and key dates, are being put in the mail as we speak, so watch your mailbox for those important updates. If you have any questions about the elections process, or want to be considered for an elected position and are unsure where to start, you can email us at UICUnitedFaculty@gmail.com. A staffer or member of the Elections Committee will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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