About Us

The UICUF Executive Board is an elected body of tenure and non-tenure faculty tasked with overseeing and determining UICUF’s paths of action including bargaining, managing the budget of the union, as well as enriching relationships and representing faculty interests to our affiliates and national community.

The UICUF Representative Assembly is the legislative arm of the union, an elected body of tenure and non-tenure faculty from each university college that most directly listens to and speaks for UICUF membership.

The UICUF Staff is responsible for the management of union work, including connecting members with the appropriate representatives to advocate and negotiate on their behalf.

The purpose of our union is to strengthen and protect, together, the whole of our UIC community. Our objectives are outlined plainly in our constitution:

  • To secure and sustain collective bargaining, including the rights to exclusive recognition and representation, for all employees who are eligible for membership.
  • To promote the improvement of conditions of employment of the membership.
  • To encourage mutual understanding and cooperation among the membership and between the membership and the administration.
  • To promote the effectiveness and quality of UIC.
  • To promote the interests of higher education and to advance the standards, ideals, and welfare of the profession.
  • To secure and protect academic freedom, the tenure system, and faculty governance.
  • To promote the welfare of UIC students by improving their educational opportunities.


Executive Board

UICUF Title UIC Title
Aaron Krall
President Senior Lecturer, English
Jess Shaw
Executive Vice President Associate Professor, Psychology
Laurie Quinn
Vice President (Non-Tenure System) Clinical Professor, Biobehavioral Health Science
Xóchitl Bada
Vice President (Tenure System) Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies
Jeff Gore
Vice President for the Common Good Senior Lecturer, English
Robert Johnston
Chief Steward Professor, History
Michael Scott
Treasurer Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Joe Persky
Secretary/Past President Professor, Economics

Representative Assembly

College UIC Title

Applied Health Sciences
Karyn Sandlos
Architecture, Design, and the Arts Associate Professor, Art
Jack Fisher
Architecture, Design, and the Arts Associate Professor, Graphic Design
David Crockett
Business Administration Professor, Marketing
Nic Weststrate
Education Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Chris Kanich
Engineering Associate Professor, Computer Science

LAS Humanities
Jim Drown
LAS Humanities Senior Lecturer, English

LAS Humanities

LAS Humanities

LAS Natural Sciences

LAS Natural Sciences
Dean Adams
LAS Social & Behavioral Sciences Clinical Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law, and Justice

LAS Social & Behavioral Sciences

LAS Social & Behavioral Sciences
Cathy Lantz
Library Associate Professor, Daley Library
Gerry Gorman
Nursing Clinical Associate Professor, Population Health Nursing Science
Gabe Culbert
Nursing Associate Professor, Population Health Nursing Science
Tessa Bonney
Public Health Assistant Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Karen Peters
Public Health Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences

Social Work
Kris May
Tutorium in Intensive English Lecturer, Tutorium

Urban Planning & Public Affairs


Jeff Edwards
Senior Staff Organizer
Priya Varanasi
Staff Organizer