Bargaining Update #4: Early Tentative Agreements

28 Jun Bargaining Update #4: Early Tentative Agreements

Signed TA Articles 6-27-18

TA’s and Our Second Day at the Bargaining Table

We had another interesting day at the bargaining table Wednesday. We TA’ed some easy articles, discussed some of our previous proposals, and introduced two new article proposals.

For those who are unfamiliar with the negotiating process, or just need a refresher, “TA” in this context means Tentative Agreement (not Teaching Assistant!). It is a mechanism in the process wherein all parties agree to accept the article under discussion. Discussion on that article is then assumed to be closed, and generally can’t be reopened unless both parties agree. TA’ing articles usually means you’re making progress, but as one might expect, the first few are the easiest.

In this case, the University team came to the table ready to sign 3 articles for both Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track contracts, which we proposed last week with no changes:

Article V – Diversity and Affirmative Action

Article XVI – Labor Management Meetings

Article XX – Electronic Availability of Agreement

They also agreed to sign 3 articles with minor language changes that don’t alter the substance of the contract, but were inserted to align the Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track contracts more closely:

Article I – Purpose

Article XI – Governance

Article XXI – Savings Clause

Though we won’t necessarily be publishing changes in real time, you can view the current versions of these articles on our contract page. They aren’t the most exciting, but they are important nonetheless.

Reaching Tentative Agreements on these articles is a clear step in the right direction, if a small one. We discussed several other articles, including Non-Discrimination, which we proposed last week, and we brought two new proposals around Academic Freedom, and Discipline and Dismissal.

Fair and Efficient Negotiations

It may seem like we’re moving at lightning speed, but things will doubtless slow down from here as each side weighs proposals and counter-proposals. We continue to have every hope of completing this process efficiently and fairly, but we will not be rushing to the finish line at the cost of careful consideration of each proposal in turn. All-in-all, though, we are off to a good start!

Our next bargaining session is in two weeks, July 11th, from 2:00-5:00.

For the duration of the bargaining process, we will be issuing periodic updates via email, facebook, twitter, and here on our website. We strongly encourage everyone to like and follow us on social media. With your support, we can make UIC an even better place to work and learn!
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