Contract Synopsis and Ratification Information

24 Apr Contract Synopsis and Ratification Information

Tentative Agreement
As was announced Monday afternoon, the UICUF bargaining team signed a tentative agreement with administration, effectively ending negotiations, and locking in terms that will now go to union membership for ratification. The bargaining team has secured a very good contract.

Our members received an earlier synopsis prior to the agreement being finalized. The contract we’ve tentatively agreed to does contain some additional provisions, which are detailed below. We have secured retro-pay for all and an agreement to apply any compression and equity increases for someone eligible to be raised to a minimum after rather than before. The contract period is August 16, 2018 to August 15, 2022.

Ratification Meetings and Voting
UICUF will hold meetings this week where members can see the full contract, hear from the bargaining committee, ask questions, and vote for or against the whole contract. Additional ratification voting will take place next Monday and Tuesday. Union members should plan to attend and vote at one of the following times/locations:

Thursday 4/25:
– East Campus Ratification Meeting 11-12:15 @Behavioral Sciences Bldg, Rm 145
– West Campus Ratification Meeting 3:30-5 @Student Center West, Thompson A

Friday 4/26:
– 2nd East Campus Ratification Meeting 4-5:30 @BSB 145

Monday 4/29 – Tuesday 4/30:
– Voting stations open 10-5 @University Hall, Science Engineering Offices Bldg, Public Health. Copies of the contract will be available to review at these sites.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the contract publicly available in electronic format before it is voted on (ratified). A thorough synopsis compiled by our team is below for those who can’t make the meetings.

If you want to vote by proxy, please email your proxy, CC’ing with the following statement: “I hereby designate __________  as my proxy in the UICUF Contract Ratification Vote of April 25 – 30. This individual will be empowered to cast a ballot on my behalf.” Your proxy should bring a copy of this statement in print or on their phone to the polls when they vote. 

In solidarity,

Janet Smith
UIC United Faculty 


Contract Synopsis

4% raise pools in each year of the contract, with 2% in merit pools and 2% in compression and equity pools in each year. Note that if the campus salary program is bigger for merit pools we get that amount but if smaller we still get the 2%.

Raise the minimum salary for NTT faculty to $50,000 (up from $42,000) and establish minimums at three ranks for NTT and TT faculty.

  • $50,000 for Lecturers, Instructors, Clinical and Research Assistant Professors
  • $55,000 for Senior Instructors, Senior Lecturers, Clinical and Research Associate Professors
  • $60,500 for Clinical and Research Professors
  • $65,000 for Tenure-Track Assistant Professors
  • $71,500 for Tenured Associate Professors
  • $78,650 Tenured Full Professors

Increase annual professional development funds by $600, totaling $1,200 for NTT faculty and $1,500 for TT faculty.

Computer program will continue to provide new computers every four years at a cost of up to $1,500 and will now also cover the cost of extended warranties for the life of the computers.

Trigger to reopen the contract if the state unilaterally increases our health insurance premiums by more than 50% during the life of the contract (which would be equivalent to about 1% of a person’s salary).

Equity and Due Process
Transparent process for reappointment of NTT faculty in academic unit bylaws.

Citizenship status and expression of gender identity added as protected categories to non-discrimination article.

Committees to review campus lactation policy and gender-neutral restrooms.

All faculty with appointments of 51% or greater will be immediately in the bargaining unit, removing the requirement for NTT faculty to have a terminal degree or 2-year waiting period.

Shorter timeline for multi-year contracts: 2-year contract after 4 years of employment; 3-year contract after 6 years of employment.

A commitment by the Provost to bring the issue of extending the maximum length of NTT contracts to five years to the Faculty Senate (this may require changes in the statutes).

Earlier final notification of reappointment for NTT faculty, no later than July 16th (maintain June 1 as first notice).

Inclusion of Teaching Professor Ranks if Statutes revised by Faculty Senate.

Close loophole allowing the discontinuation of programs by ending admissions to the program.

Transparent steps for discipline based on just cause for NTT faculty during term of contract.

All settlements of disputes outside of the grievance process must be consistent with the terms of the contract.

Working Conditions
Written job expectations developed through shared governance at the unit level for all faculty members, including teaching load, with changes during term of contract only by mutual agreement of department and faculty member.

Commitment to annual evaluation of all NTT and TT faculty.

Student evaluation cannot be used in isolation to evaluate faculty.

Commitment to increase number of faculty to meet needs of growing student body and commitment to hiring TT faculty to maintain the university’s research mission.

Classroom support, including technology and access to printing, will be available at least 30 minutes before all scheduled classes and extended in the evening.

Intellectual property rights as provided in the UI Statutes will be subject to grievance and arbitration.

A commitment by the Provost to bring the issue of sabbaticals for NTT faculty to the Faculty Senate.

Stronger commitment to providing offices for all TT and NTT faculty members

Regular updates on campus security.

Union Rights
Process for membership cards, dues collection, and bargaining unit reporting post-Janus.

Policies to allow tabling at faculty orientation, course buyouts for union officers, and notification of exclusive representation to bargaining unit members.

Recognition of UICUF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE), and process for payroll deduction for contributions