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06 Nov Democracy in Action


  • Vote Tallies Continue: Electing our next president is a process that does not end on Election Day, with votes still being counted in a number of key swing states. 
  • Every Vote Matters: With legal challenges already in play, it’s critical that we honor every vote by *counting* every vote, and respecting the results. See below for resources and action networks to help defend our democracy. 
  • Membership Meeting: As we mentioned last week, our Fall Member Meeting will be held remotely, 3-4pm, 11/18/20. Save the date and we will send a link to our members closer to the event. 


Dear UICUF Members,

At the time of this writing, the general election is still being tabulated, and the outcome remains uncertain. Significant numbers of legitimately cast votes have yet to be counted and/or reported, and even now, legal maneuvers have been laid out to challenge the outcome. It is UIC United Faculty’s position that the vote counting should continue to completion, and the results respected. Our next president must be decided by our long accepted, if flawed, electoral system, not by legislators or lawyers. It seems increasingly likely that this will mean resisting political pressure to end the count and/or settle the presidential election in a way that side steps the voting outcome and electoral process. 

Many labor and civic organizations are currently preparing to, if needed, push back against efforts to distort or circumvent the results of the election. While we have not at this time committed to any specific actions as a union, we are coordinating with local labor groups, and want our members to have access to participate in planning and actions currently underway.

What’s Happening Locally
There are many labor unions and advocates that are now watching the process to assure democracy is upheld. CTU, SEIU73 and 1600 have made formal statements committing to assure a free and fair election. Also, the AFT made this statement last week. In addition, there is a growing coalition around the US that is organizing under the title Labor Action to Defend Democracy (LADD)

Locally, the Illinois Defense Action Council, a growing group of labor and advocates for democracy, has been meeting to monitor and prepare for action – if needed. UICUF is at this table to learn and discuss what is happening and possible actions such as the rally last night. The intent is to be vigilant but not alarmist.

At this point, the next action being planned in Chicago is a Rally for Democracy in Union Park this Saturday, 11/7, at 1pm. Depending on what is happening, the message will be “continue the count and respect the results.” 

You can also sign up for alerts from the Illinois Defense Action Council by texting “we defend” to 787-753.

Member Meeting
As previously mentioned, we will hold a member meeting on 11/18, 3-4pm. We expect to discuss issues around ongoing impact bargaining and the effects of COVID on our work. We may discuss election issues if it is determined to be necessary at that time.


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