Faculty Contracts Signed!

13 May Faculty Contracts Signed!


As of today, May 13, 2019, UIC United Faculty’s new contracts for Tenure and Non-Tenure track faculty have been signed! Both contracts, which outline pay and working conditions for faculty from August 16, 2018 (retroactive) to August 15, 2022, are now in full effect.

You can download the two contracts here:
Non-Tenure Track System Faculty (2018-2022)
Tenure Systen Faculty (2018-2022)

We also previously published guidance on execution of the shared governance aspects of the contract, especially those related to pay raises. You can find that guidance here:

Post: everything-you-need-to-know-about-raises/

We’re very excited for the improvements over previous contracts, especially in reinforcing shared governance principles at UIC, strengthening protections for NTT faculty, and of course, guaranteeing significant raise pools (2% Merit, 2% Compression/Equity) for our members over the next 4 years!


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