Final Fall Reappointment Deadline July 15th

09 Jul Final Fall Reappointment Deadline July 15th


Dear Faculty,

As we’ve reported recently via our reappointment survey, as of June 1st the vast majority of NTT faculty were given letters confirming their reappointment for fall semester. This was a top priority of our campaign to retain faculty jobs this year, and we are pleased that most departments worked to give their NTT faculty peace-of-mind going into the summer, which many have lacked in years passed.

A handful of departments did exercise their option, as allowed in our current contract, to extend the deadline for their reappointment decisions to July 15th, now just a few days away. As the university is giving every signal of optimism for rebounding enrollment, and potentially even record-high numbers this fall, we continue to assert that every NTT faculty member eligible for a reappointment this year should receive one.

If you are still awaiting confirmation of your reappointment status for the fall, you are contractually entitled to receive news of that decision next Thursday, July 15th. Most of our members reported receiving a form letter or email that looks like this:

In accordance with Article IX, Section B.3, of the Non-Tenure System faculty collective bargaining agreement between the University and UIC United Faculty 6456, IFT-AFT, AAUP, this message is notice that you [will/will not] be reappointed as [Title] for Academic Year 2021-2022.

Please note that if you’re in the middle of a multi-year contract, you may not receive this letter. This letter is also distinct from the official and binding Notice of Appointment (NOA) which you should receive after the Board of Trustees meets in August.

If you are eligible for renewal and have not received a letter of reappointment by July 15th, let us know at ASAP.


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