Know Your Contract – Appointment and Reappointment

11 Jul Know Your Contract – Appointment and Reappointment


  • Improved guidelines around appointments/reappointments means greater job security for NTT Faculty
  • New contract provides advanced letter of appointment – First notification deadline June 1, fall-back deadline July 16
  • Contract also reduces time to multi-year appointments, requires timely evaluations of faculty
  • This entry refers to Article IX of the NTT contract.
  • Rules for Tenure Track appointments can be found in the TT contract and UI Statutes


UIC United Faculty is keenly aware that appointment and reappointment procedures are at the core of defining job security for NTT faculty. In particular, reliable notification timelines, and multi-year appointments can give faculty peace-of-mind, while creating a more collegial atmosphere where faculty feel comfortable and secure in their positions. To maximize stability for our members, our new contract improves upon several aspects of the appointment/reappointment process.

In an effort to give faculty greater clarity on rights regarding the appointment/reappointment process, we’ve answered some of the most common questions and misunderstandings below. If you have further questions, or specific concerns about the implementation of these contractual rights, contact us ASAP at

When Should I Be Informed That I Am Being Reappointed?
Academic units should inform NTT faculty by June 1st of each year whether you are being reappointed to your position. HOWEVER, an academic unit may choose to postpone this notice until as late as July 16th (this deadline is improved over the August 1st deadline in our previous contract). In the case of postponement, the academic unit still needs to inform you by June 1 that they have opted to postpone their decision.

If you do not receive your notice in a timely manner, contact us ASAP at

Should I Expect A Letter Of Reappointment If I am Part Way Through a Multi-Year Appointment?
While some departments may choose to give reappointment letters to faculty in the middle of a multi-year appointment, they are not required to do so. If you are, for example, going into year 2 of a 3 year appointment, you may not get a new letter. You should still receive a Notice of Appointment from the Board of Trustees in August for the current academic year, though this notice won’t necessarily note your multi-year status.

When Am I Eligible For A Multi-Year Appointments?
The timeline to receive multi-year appointments have changed under the new contract. After four years of consecutive employment, OR upon promotion, whichever comes first, NTT faculty will get at least a two-year appointment. After six years, an NTT faculty member will get at least a three-year appointment. If the maximum appointment length changes in the UI statutes (currently three years), anyone on a three-year appointment will get the new maximum upon their next reappointment. An NTT faculty member can be offered longer appointments up to the current 3-year maximum set by university statute at any time, at the discretion of their academic unit.

These multi-year appointments cannot be withheld, nor can timelines be extended for any reason, provided that the individual is consecutively employed for the requisite number of years, and is reappointed for the new term.

While this significantly improves job security, it is not the same as tenure, and does not guarantee reappointment.

Do Title Changes Affect My Time Towards Multi-Year Appointments?
No, under the current contract, title changes do not reset the clock toward multi-year appointments or promotions. This includes conversion from a visiting to a permanent position, so time spent as a visiting faculty member will count toward your multi-year appointment and promotion timelines, per Article IX.A.4 of the NTT contract.

Am I Entitled To An Evaluation?
Yes, all full-time (51%+ appointment) faculty are entitled to a formal and transparent evaluation each year. This should give NTT faculty a clear idea of where they stand, and provide data for merit, promotion, and reappointment decisions. See our earlier Know Your Contract article on evaluations for more details on how they should work.

Where Are Reappointment Procedures Specified?
Reappointment procedures MUST be outlined in your unit bylaws under Article IX.B.1 of the new contract. If an academic unit does not currently have a written policy, it is their responsibility to develop one. Contact your department/division/college for more information about unit bylaws regarding the reappointment process. If your unit refuses to provide such policies, contact us ASAP at

Where Can I Find This Information In My Contract?
Contractual rights regarding appointment and reappointment are described in both non-tenure track and tenure track contracts, which can be viewed on our website. Specific references to the rights described above are found in the NTT contract, Article IX: Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, Layoff, and Recall.


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