Artivism for Collective Dreaming & Student Wellness

Dear UICUF members,

Please forward this message to your students and join us on 10/31 in the quad! Please fill out this volunteer form if you’re able to help us make the event happen!

Dear UIC students & faculty,

As the days get colder & darker, we want to make space for UIC students, faculty, and other community members to come together and dream big about what our campus community can be.

We invite all of you to join us on October 31 from 10:30am - 1pm in the Quad to create a collective art piece exploring what joy and wellness look like in our lives and how we can cultivate that at UIC. We will have canvas and paint, snacks, music, UICUF common good stickers, and community! If the weather doesn’t allow us to be outside, you can find us in the Student Center East first floor concourse.

Artivism for Collective Dreaming & Student Wellness is the first event in our Whats Good? Common Good! series, which will continue to explore how UIC United Faculty can organize for a better university not only for ourselves, but also for our students, our non-faculty colleagues, and the broader Chicago community. We hope you’ll stop by and contribute to our communal vision of wellness!

UICUF Common Good Committee

Nicole Nguyen, Chair (Associate Professor; Criminology, Law, and Justice)
Teresa Helena Moreno (Assistant Professor, Daley Library)
Jeff Gore (Senior Lecturer, English)
Ash Stephens (Bridge to Faculty Postdoc; Criminology, Law, and Justice)
Gayatri Reddy (Associate Professor; Gender and Women’s Studies, Anthropology)
Dean Adams (Clinical Assistant Professor; Criminology, Law, and Justice)
Johari Jabir (Associate Professor, Black Studies)
Rebecca Singer (Clinical Assistant Professor, Population Health Nursing Science)