Chicago City Primary Election on Tuesday

UICUF Committee on Political Education Encourages You to Vote Tuesday

UICUF COPE encourages all eligible Chicago residents to vote in the primary election this coming Tuesday, February 28. As we saw enthusiastic support from elected officials during our strike, now is our time to make our voices heard and support candidates who share our pro-labor and pro-education values.
As you are likely aware, the Illinois Federation of Teachers has endorsed Brandon Johnson for mayor. Johnson attended and spoke at our rally on the first day of the strike, and was an enthusiastic supporter for UICUF. You can learn more about IFT’s support for Johnson here, as well as find opportunities to get involved with phonebanking and volunteering efforts.
You can find additional information and opportunities, as well as other local endorsements, from the Chicago Teachers’ Union here.
Note: Neither UICUF as a local affiliate of IFT nor the UICUF COPE currently make endorsements for city-level politics, although the COPE may revisit this decision in the future.
For more information about early voting and voting locations please visit the Chicago Board of Elections website.
UICUF COPE is not funded with your UICUF dues, but COPE members make separate monthly contributions to support its work. Click here for more information about UICUF COPE or to become a contributor.