Get to Know Your Contract: Minimum Salaries, Article VI.A.1.a.

Photo of bright blue UICUF logo screen printed on white paper. Blurred image of people on UIC Quad in background.
UICUF screen prints by Clinical Assistant Professor, William Estrada, School of Art & Art History

We’re taking a closer look at changes to sections of the UIC United Faculty 2022-2026 contract that we won during the last round of bargaining, introduced by members of the Bargaining Committee itself. Up this week is minimum salaries for both NTT and TT faculty written by Jim Drown of the English Department.

Dear collegues,
Establishing and raising minimum salaries has been a UICUF priority since the first contract. While these minimums might not apply to everyone, they are potentially life-changing for the faculty to whom they do apply. Before minimum salaries were established, many faculty were forced to work second jobs in order to have a living wage. Dedicated faculty left the profession for corporate jobs that paid a living wage. 

For myself, I moved from a position of having a job I loved because my spouse paid the vast majority of the expenses, to being able to actively contribute to my household finances. Members have even been able to purchase single-family residences because of these minimums. 

On a broader note, these minimums help keep us competitive in the market for faculty, ensuring that we can attract and keep the best and most dedicated academics at our university. This is a part of the contract that contributes not only to individuals, but positively impacts the student experience and the academic atmosphere of the entire campus.

The current minimum salaries (100% appointment) from our current contract are:

NTT Faculty

  • $60,000 for Instructor, Lecturer, Clinical Assistant Professor, or Research Assistant Professor or Teaching Assistant Professor
  • $66,000 for Senior Instructor, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Associate Professor, Research Associate Professor, or Teaching Associate Professor
  • $72,600 for Clinical Professor or Research Professor or Teaching Professor

TT Faculty

  • $71,500 for Assistant Professor
  • $78,650 for Associate Professor
  • $86,515 for Professor

As per the contract, for all ranks, any permanent salary increases earned through award of the Teaching Recognition Program (TRP), or similar program, shall be applied after the bargaining unit member has moved to a new minimum salary. The union is proud of the establishment and increases made in the minimum salaries, especially considering the wide-ranging impacts they have. If you have any questions or concerns about these minimums, please contact one of your department or college union reps.

In Solidarity,
Jim Drown
Senior Lecturer, English
UICUF Representative Assembly
UICUF Bargaining Committee