Stand Up for UAW

Stand up with UAW and AFT-IFT on October 5Share rides with other UICUF members.
On September 29 the Chicago Federation of Labor and the Illinois AFL-CIO Issued a joint statement on UAW Strike Expansion to the Southside Chicago Ford Plant.  

“Members of the UAW are standing up for their families, co-workers and community.  CEOs have cashed in on the sacrifices auto workers made 14-16 years ago.  And while this historic strike is audacious in breaking the mold in taking on the Big Three all at once, this strike is fundamentally about fairness and equity across the board. 

UAW’s fight is rooted in the same struggle that workers all over this country are engaged in for a better future — and at home in Chicago and Illinois, workers are making it clear that there is no place for corporate greed in their communities.”

On Thursday, October 5, AFT members around the country will be standing in solidarity with our UAW siblings. Here in Illinois, we have the opportunity and responsibility to represent. Please join us on a picket line wearing your union gear, take pictures, post on social media, and tag @Illinois Federation of Teachers, @AFT-American Federation of Teachers, and @UIC United Faculty. 

Picket lines are up around the clock, so you can stop by before or after work or even as a family activity!

Interested in ridesharing with neighboring colleagues? 

Selected locations (close to most IFT members):

Torrence Avenue, Ford Assembly
13550 S. Torrance Ave
Chicago, IL 60633

Chicago Parts, GM
1355 Remington Blvd
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Chicago Parts, Stellantis
1980 High Grove Lane
Naperville, IL 60540

Email us at if you would like to receive updates about when and where other IFT locals plan to gather. 

Looking for a picket line closer to you? Check for the current list of locations!