Support SURS Trustee Candidates Who Will Work for YOU

Dear UICUF Member:

You may be aware of the upcoming election for members of the SURS Board of Trustees. Please consider signing the petition to support these three outstanding candidates.

The candidates listed below are endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers. They are concerned about Illinois' dismal record when it comes to properly funding our pension. While recent action indicates that our state is taking this responsibility more seriously, it is crucial that strong voices continue to advocate for fully funding our pension. These candidates are committed to doing that.

Kristi Barnwell is a long-time member of the University Professionals of Illinois (IFT Local 4100). Kristi is a professor of history at the University of Illinois-Springfield (UIS). She received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Texas-Austin in 2011. She is running for election to the SURS Board of Trustees to ensure that the benefits offered by the system will address the abysmal Tier 2 system. Her leadership roles at UIS have made her acutely aware of how SURS benefits have impacted the ability of universities to recruit and retain faculty and staff.

Antonio Vazquez is a current member of the SURS Board of Trustees and the Cook County College Teachers Union (IFT Local 1600). Antonio is a professor of economics and chair of the business department at Wilbur Wright College. He previously served as a lecturer at Harold Washington College, the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC), and Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). He has been an important voice on issues confronting SURS during his tenure on the board.

IFT is also helping to collect signatures for the IEA candidate, Randall Miller.

To sign, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to the online petition site by clicking here or copying and pasting this link into your browser's address field:
2. Enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, birthdate, and last name.
3. Click on Continue and follow the instructions.

The deadline to sign the electronic petition is 4:30 PM Central Time on Jan. 31, 2024.