Members Won This Contract – Join the Union Today

23 May Members Won This Contract – Join the Union Today


  • Our new contract will benefit just about every faculty member via Raises, PD Funds, Job Security, Workload Protections, and much more.
  • Active union membership won this contract and protects these gains.
  • Joining the union makes your voice heard. Our union works because faculty step up!


Our New Union Contract: Everyone Wins
Our new union contract, won through vigorous and sustained engagement by UICUF members, has something in it for everyone. Whether you are being brought up to the new minimum salaries for your rank, benefitting from merit raises, or receiving compression/equity adjustments, nearly every faculty member will get a meaningful salary increase. Everyone will also enjoy access to new PD funds, and real protections against workload increases without pay increases. Many NTT faculty will enjoy greater job security in the form of longer contracts and augmented due process protections. In short, there are benefits in this contract that will touch every faculty member in our bargaining unit. You can review more of these in summary, or in full at your leisure.

Our Union Works (Because Faculty Step Up)!
Faculty will enjoy the benefits of a robust contract over the next several years because so many chose to join the union as members and work for a better outcome. Administration’s opening offer, which they clung to for nearly half-a-year, was to give faculty nothing. No guaranteed raises, no improved job security, no workload protections, nothing. Our members fought to change that paradigm – and won!

Our members also allow us to effectively enforce the contract we’ve won. Union members are the alarm when administrators violate or try to work around contract provisions, and members’ dues provide the resources for union staff and legal counsel to fight back. Even after the contract is won, a strong membership ensures that administration actually abides by the agreements they’ve made.

There is No Better Time to Join the Union
For faculty who are not union members, there is no better time to join. Salary increases  from just the first year of the contract (retroactive to the ‘18-’19 academic year), will easily cover the 1% union dues in perpetuity, while your salary will continue to grow. Even though contract negotiation is over, it takes a robust network of members to participate in productive and effective contract implementation. And of course we will be back at the bargaining table in just three years!

Please consider joining the union as a member today, so that we can continue building on the strength that won us our latest contract. Our website has information about membership, and a downloadable application which you can print/sign/scan and send back to us at You can also contact faculty representatives from each college if you have questions.


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