Reappointment Survey Closes Monday

10 Jun Reappointment Survey Closes Monday


  • Reminder – Complete Our Reappointment Survey: Our survey on reappointment for NTT faculty closes on Monday, 6/14. If you haven’t taken the survey, you can do so now via our Surveymonkey Link. All individual responses are strictly confidential:
  • Positive Reappointment Trends: With a third of all NTTs reporting, we are pleased to see that the vast majority of faculty up for reappointment were notified and renewed as of June 1. We will follow up with anyone who reports concerns about the process, but if you wish to contact us proactively, email
  • AAUP Summer Institute: Our national affiliate, the American Association of University Professors, will be holding a series of free virtual talks and training sessions this summer. We encourage members considering a more active role in the union to attend!


Dear Members,

As a reminder, our survey on NTT reappointment is still active, and we highly encourage all members up for reappointment to respond so we can report an accurate picture of reappointment to the membership. This is also an opportunity to point out any concerns you may have over the reappointment process, and/or alert UICUF to any individual issues you may wish to have us follow up on. All responses are strictly confidential, and the union will share only aggregate data in our summary report with membership after the survey closes.

At this time, with roughly a third of all NTT faculty reporting, we’re pleased to say that we are continuing to see an exceptionally high rate of faculty both being notified in a timely manner, and of faculty being renewed for the fall. Only a few units have chosen to defer reappointment decisions, and we are in contact regarding those we know about. If you have individual concerns about your own reappointment, of course, please feel free to email us directly at

Lastly, we want to invite all members to join us in attending AAUP’s virtual Summer Institute! This has been a major opportunity for members to learn more about the work higher ed unions are doing around the country, and to prepare for our own efforts, such as our upcoming 2022 contract bargaining. This year, the sessions are all free to members (included in your UICUF membership) and will be held virtually, so it’s easy to attend on your own schedule. While it’s not required, we especially encourage anyone who is considering an active role in bargaining to attend these sessions!


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