Reopening And Reappointment

17 Jul Reopening And Reappointment



UICUF Statement on UIC’s Return to Campus Policies
The UICUF bargaining team has been meeting with upper administration weekly in the effort to reach agreement on issues such as compensation for off-contract work, NTT reappointment, and the safety precautions necessary for the fall semester. There have been some victories, including the roll-over of professional development funds and the procurement of funds to compensate faculty (although use of the funds is still being negotiated).

Important issues remain, though, such as allowing faculty an opt-out of teaching face-to-face on-campus and the right of faculty to decide for themselves the best medium for delivery of course content. The bargaining team feels strongly that the faculty are the only ones who can appropriately decide where and how their courses are delivered. In the face of upper administration obduracy, the bargaining team has created this statement outlining the issues and is asking faculty to endorse the demands as a way of showing that faculty is united and quite resolute on these issues. We ask all faculty to read and endorse the statement.

NTT Reappointment Survey
An important deadline for UIC faculty has officially passed–per our union contract, NTT faculty must be notified by July 16th every year whether or not they will be re-appointed. The bargaining team has asked that all UIC faculty be reappointed in order to maintain an optimal faculty:student ratio that has actually been dropping in recent years as hiring fails to keep up with growing enrollments. If you have not received your letter of reappointment, if you have not been reappointed, or if your letter came with caveats leaving your reappointment still in question, PLEASE fill out this survey so that we can work towards making the faculty whole.

Provost’s Office Hours
Finally, Provost Susan Poser will be holding her weekly office hour with faculty today, Friday, July 17, from 1-2pm. We urge all UICUF members to attend office hours and actively participate in shaping UIC’s future. Ask questions, push for answers, and BE HEARD.

To join the meeting by video, use the link and password below.
Password: 1b.dG9hy

To join by phone, please dial the number listed below and enter the meeting ID when prompted.
Phone Number: (312)626-6799
Meeting ID: 931 7311 4912#
Password: 76832317#


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