Still No Response on NTT Job Security

13 May Still No Response on NTT Job Security


  • No Response on NTT Job Security: Despite over 250 faculty and allies writing to demand answers on NTT job security, the administration has made no comment on the subject to date. You can still write your own letter via our Action Network page!
  • Job Security Next Steps: We will continue seeking answers on NTT job security. If the Provost and Chancellor will not act, we will bring our concerns to the Board of Trustees, who are meeting next week. Look out for more details on our Facebook page.
  • No Telework Agreements Required for Faculty: We have confirmed with labor relations that faculty will not be asked or required to sign telework agreements like those announced in a previous administration email to faculty.
  • Use PD Funds by June 30th: Per our last email, all faculty are entitled to an annual allotment of PD and travel funds. It is highly recommended you get pre-approval by June 30th to avoid complications accessing these funds.
  • No Union List Limiting PD/Travel Fund Use: We have been informed that some administrators have denied use of funds, referring to a “union list” of approved uses. There is no such list, and we are following up on such reports. If you are having trouble getting approval, let us know ASAP at


Dear Members,

Despite receiving over 250 letters regarding NTT job security, Chancellor Amiridis has remained silent on this critical issue. UIC United Faculty has followed up with him directly to see if he has any response for our members, some of whom are facing non-renewal for purely budgetary reasons, regardless of their job performance. This despite budgets and enrollment projections being robust for the coming academic year. And while some academic units have moved forward with renewal notices, giving their NTT faculty peace of mind going into the summer, most have been given no indication that they’ll know their status, even by the June 1st deadline. Historically, hundreds of NTT faculty have had to wait until mid-July or even later to know whether they will have a job in the fall.

Silence on this issue is not an answer, and so we intend to take our inquiries directly to the Board of Trustees if needed. The BoT will meet next Thursday, and we are again asking that the university and it’s administration take up this issue in earnest. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see updates during the next week, and if you are interested in working more directly with the efforts to win greater job security for NTT faculty, you can sign up for our issue mailing list on this subject, or email our organizer, Sophie Bauerschmidt Sweeney at

No Telework Agreements Required for Faculty
A couple of weeks ago, the administration announced an array of new policies for working and teaching in the fall. As we’ve said before, none of this has been discussed with the union, let alone agreed upon, and is of course potentially subject to change as we near the actual start of classes. In particular, however, we want to give everyone an update regarding the telework agreements described in that announcement.

We have confirmed in writing from Labor Relations that faculty in our bargaining unit will not be required, and should not be asked to sign a telework agreement for fall teaching. If you are asked to sign such an agreement, or any other agreement regarding telework and/or your rights to record or not record your classes, let us know immediately at These agreements are likely to be unenforceable, as such terms are subject to collective bargaining and governed by our union’s collective bargaining agreement.

Use Your PD Funds By June 30th
Once again, we want to remind you to use, or get pre-authorization to use your PD and Travel funds for 2020-2021 by June 30th to avoid any complications. These funds are available for a variety of research and/or professional development uses.

We have heard from some faculty that their intended use for these funds has been denied by administrators, citing a “union list” of approved uses. There is no such list, and if your proposal to use your funds is rejected, we encourage you to ask for any department/college policy or list of approved uses, and to contact UICUF if you are unable to resolve the issue.


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