Strike Authorization Press Release

11 Apr Strike Authorization Press Release



UIC Faculty Authorize Strike
UIC’s top priority must be to ensure students receive a world class education

CHICAGO- More than 93 percent of voting University of Illinois-Chicago United Faculty (UICUF) members have voted to authorize a strike, if necessary, to secure a fair and equitable contract.

“This vote sends a strong message from our members that they are prepared to fight for a contract that recognizes their contributions to the core missions of the university,” said Aaron Krall, UICUF executive vice president and co-chair of bargaining.

UIC is growing, and enrollment is at a record high. To accommodate this growth, UICUF believes the administration should invest in our exceptional faculty to ensure that providing students with a world-class education remains the university’s top priority.

“The administration admitted they don’t have a plan to invest in faculty for the sake of our students,” said Janet Smith, UICUF president. “Our faculty clearly think it’s time to address that.”

Faculty have sacrificed during lean times. Now that the university has record enrollment and a $1 billion infrastructure plan is in place for the U of I system, faculty deserve a fair compensation package.

UICUF has been bargaining for nearly a year, but the administration refuses to adequately address the issues of compensation. While enrollment has increased 24 percent over the last five years, new faculty have not been hired to keep up with it. At the same time, salaries have not kept up with inflation, so some faculty members can’t afford to live in the city where they teach.

“Now is the time for the administration to show its commitment to and value of the very people responsible for executing the academic mission of the university,” said Jeffrey Kessler, UICUF member.

If a fair agreement is not reached, faculty members may strike later this month.

The UIC United Faculty (Local 6456) represents all full-time tenure and non-tenure track faculty at UIC. UICUF is affiliated with the Illinois Federation of Teachers and American Association of University Professors.